Recordjager James Burwick over de Rescue Laser Flare Groen:

"When I am sailing single handed in mid ocean it gives great peace of mind to have contact with large vessels when on a converging course. With many electronic devices trying to tell me the situation is under control I still feel more at ease after verbal communication with the other vessel via vhf ch 16. By law all vessels should have 24 hour monitoring of ch 16 in English at all times. In these times many ships are short handed and I do not have much confidence in who is standing watch especially if I do not get a return call.
Twice on my solo voyage around the world I used a Green Laser flare to signal a non compliant vessel. In both cases the response was rapid. Both of these cases it was unclear to me the intention of the other vessel. I was travelling in excess of 20 knots. This speed decreases the safety of the situation.
Laser flares are a great additional safety device to have on all vessels at sea."
James M. Burwick
S/V Anasazi Girl
Finot-Conq Open 40

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