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ANWB Watersport: mini test Parasailor Waterkampioen 2015

Mini test Parasailor Waterkampioen


"Het gemak waarmee je met de Parasailor zeilt is indrukwekkend. De rust waarmee dit zeil staat en zijn werk doet is dat ook. Veelal wordt voor een toerzeiler een gennaker of asymmetrische spi aanbevolen, omdat deze makkelijker is dan een conventionele spi. En hoewel dat waar is, doet de Parasailor het wat ons betreft op alle fronten nog even beter en veiliger". 

Het tijdschrift "Yacht"

... zählt den parasailor² zu den wichtigsten Innovationen im Segelsport der letzten 100 Jahre.

Het tijdschrift "Segeln", november 2004

"Überzeugen konnten wir uns von der Qualität des parasailor²."

"Der Auftrieb im Bugbereich ist spürbar, der Bug wird entlastet."

"parasailor²: Tolle Ergebnisse bei frischem Wind."

"(Durch den Flügel) entsteht eine Art "Torsionskörper" vor dem Spi, also quasi eine weiche Segellatte. Dieser Körper lässt den Spi ruhiger stehen und reduziert nach dem Einfallen das üblicherweise sehr harte Wiederaufblähen des Spis... Zusätzlich erzeugt der Flügel Auftrieb und Vortrieb."

"In der Praxis bestätigten sich die theoretischen Annahmen. Auch bei viel Wind lässt sich der Spi [parasailor²] sicher fahren, er steht ruhiger als der herkömmliche [Spi] und liftet den Bug. "

Das Urteil: Der parasailor² erweitert den Segelbereich und ist für den Bordeinsatz klar zu empfehlen."


"Palstek" 06/2004

"...der parasailor² kann zwar am Spinnakerbaum gefahren werden, es geht aber auch ohne. [...] Damit gibt es einen Pluspunkt für den parasailor², der Spibaum entfällt. "

"Das Einklappen des Vorlieks wird durch den Staudruck des parasailor² verzögert und er klappt weich wieder auf."

"...anstatt des erwarteten heftigen Schlages beim Öffnen führt der Staudruck im Flügel zu einem weichen Ausrollen des Liekes ohne heftige Bewegungen im Segel oder Schiff. Wieder ein Pluspunkt."

"Der parasailor² lässt sich in einem weitaus höheren Windbereich fahren als konventionelle Spinnaker, oder anders ausgedrückt, bei gleichem Wind ist der parasailor² das gutmütigere Segel."


Image De in Duitsland wereldberoemde toerzeiler Bobby Schenk:

"Das Standardsegel für Fahrtenyachten."

"Endlich ein vernümftiges Vorwindsegel für Fahrtensegler."

"der neue parasailor² - ein Turbo für die Segelyacht"

"Ganz eindeutig hat sich gegenüber dem früheren Parasail die Dynamik gesteigert, sein Drang nach oben ist unübersehbar, er will fliegen."

"Selbstverständlich ist es nicht nötig, ans Ruder zu gehen. Die Kursschwankungen der Steueranlage pendelt der parasailor² fast unmerklich aus, als hinge in ihm ein Pilot, der ihn durch Seilzüge steuert. Perfekt!"


De lezers van het blad "Segeln":

“... zählt den parasailor² zu den wichtigsten Innovationen im Segelsport der letzten 100 Jahre.“


Image Op de site van de beroemde Engelse cruiser Jimmy Cornell vraagt een bezoeker:
"I have read with great interest your accounts here and there (Noonsite and Cruising World) about your experience with the Parasailor... I am about to cross the Atlantic with the ARC from east to west and am seriously considering buying this sail. We are a not-so-experienced crew and I would like to make our downwind sailing as comfy and safe as possible. The sail is very expensive, so I'm hesitating... any advice for 3 women eager to sail with ease??

Jimmy antwoordt:
"The Parasailor spinnaker is a great sail, I have no doubts about that... but it is more expensive than a normal spinnaker as it is a high-tech sail.
It will definitely make sailing downwind easier, so if you can afford it, I certainly advise you to get it... but hurry up or you may not get it in time for this year's ARC. I used a Parasailor for about 8,000 miles in the last 18 months and it worked perfectly!




ARC 2007

California Blue: "At the time of this writing we are doing 7 knots in 9 knots of wind! There is only one other boat on the horizon who also appears to be flying a Parasailor... The time now is 18:00 UTC and we have sailed some 345 nm in 53 hours. An average of 6.5 knots per hour. Hoping the Parasailor and Chris Tibbs weather forcasting will bring us more speed and wind.
We had some decent performance out of the Parasailor given extremely light wind conditions during the night. The wind ranged from 4-10 knots and we managed between 4-8 knots in speed. Pretty impressive really."

Cat-Man-Do: "Parasailor prepared and ready to be hoisted when the starting gun went, and, as usual a slight "cock up" and we failed to hoist when we wanted. Not to much of a problem and soon sorted and off we went.
Heading down the East side of Gran canaries the wind picked up and with some 4-5 metre swells we were soon surfing to the giddy heights of 19.5 knots, a new record for us on this boat.... we were re-telling the story over the radio to our chums on Rebel T this morning. They enquired about the well being of the Parasailor then Peter, in that order. I rest my case."

Asolare: "It started with a loud twang just as we were sitting down to home made Pizza.  It was the shackle that attaches the pulley block and Halyard to the mast failed. The Parasailor flew without it’s halyard and most likely the said pulley block and rope sat on the wing for 10-15 seconds before collapsing.  This gave the 3 crew a chance to scramble on to deck to save the sail."

Centurion II: "The parasailor spinnaker went up today and hasn't been down since. Our progress has since improved in both comfort and speed.
Still making good progress flying just the parasailor - this new sail flies beautifully and is very well mannered."

Torvin: "We then launched the parasail, taking another mere 2 hours to get organized. But it was worth it. It launched very easily and is a very forgiving sail. We tried lowering and again it was so easy."

Ideal: "We have had the Parasailor up continually since the last log and have not had to use the engine. The wind strength has varied between force 3 and force 7 and has swung between 180 and 130 degrees on our starboard side as we maintain our heading towards our first way point.
We and a number of other were overtaken by an unfriendly squall - too late to take the sail down, we have no choice but to ride it out. We had the pleasure of gusts of 40 and heavy driving rain - with the boat gliding serenely along at 15 knots."

ARC 2006

Macnoon: "Day 3 saw the parasailor2 (spinnaker with a hole) set as soon as the crew woke up and gave a great boost to speed.The "Spinnaker-with-a-hole" is pulling us gently along at six and a half knots in 12 knots of wind.
…we carried on gently under parasailor into the night… a gust of 20+ knots made the lines attached to the sail sing like plucked violin strings,
..did everything it pushed us along at 7kn in only 11 kn of wind.."

Talulah: "We ate together and then put up the parasailor2 for a day's exhilarating sailing - racing down waves at 10 knots in a sea that was at times very large.

World Cruising Club: "The Oyster 56, Stealer VI, put on an impressive display as they powered through the fleet, flying their newly purchased Parasailor2 winged spinnaker, one of at least 20 such sails in the fleet this year."

Various: "It is amazing how stable a boat can be downwind – flying the Parasailor² …"

Blue Cowrie: We had a wonderful time sailing yesterday, with our best friend the parasailor behaving beautifully and all of us feeling able to cope with it and keep it in control.
So we really raced along with our parasailor up and OVERTOOK them, waving all the way…
…she (Parasailor²)  was rechristened this morning as Miles More Magic! And up she went, like a dream and now we are powering along, Blue Cowrie cutting a sleek line through the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Joy of Siam: "Great night sail with the new Parasailor, 20 knots of wind and a good distance covered..Our spinnaker has been up now for 20 hours and all seems well although we are keeping a good eye on the mast."

Shilouette: "We got our Parasailor up and started to enjoy a nice boost in speed."

Meitli: "Parasailor immer noch oben, machen daher sehr gutes Etmal. Um 1:30h morgens von Squall erwischt - strömender Regen, stark böiger Wind - Meitli, ein "Riesen-Surfbrett", mit Parasailor..."

Adeia: "The day saw a wonderful run with the Parasailor2 on into the night. The kite is actually quite a bit more stable and easy to fly…
We decided to run the Parasailor all night- the forecast is for strengthening winds and we have a near full moon so we've decided to give it a try. It will probably be worth an extra knot or two and we all feel like we better take it while we can.
KITE DAY : Yes, it was a very nice day for flying the Spinnaker (our big sail) and we flew it all day- very good speed and everyone happy to see it up and moving us along at 9+ knots.
..all this was being done while our spinnaker flew on auto pilot!"

Jenna of Liverpool – Jim Soens: "We are in Antigua; had a good crossing with no problems at all, we did the crossing in 16 days had the parasailor up for 15 days and nights, only took it down 3 times to check the ropes and put it strait back up this was the only sail we used for 15days and had no problems."

George Ehlers, J42: “It’s very kind to the rig. When it collapses it reopens softly.. We flew ours for 240 consecutive hours locked off on both sides all the time. You wouldn’t fly a spinnaker for that long without a full race crew.”

Chris Dyson, Beneteau First 40’7: ”I found the sail more flexible on the wind angle You can yaw around more without it starting to collapse."

Graham O’Donnell, Discovery 55: “It’s definitely top marks for the parasailor² for its ability to reduce rolling It’s the only sail I’ve seen that actively reduces roll”

Jimmy CorneII, Ovni 43, 18 000 miles never using his symmetric spinnaker in favour of the parasailor²: ”On one occasion when I saw a squall approaching I decided to leave the parasailor² up and see what happened The wind went up from 15 knots and settled at 26 knots. Aventura took it all in her stride, accelerated to ten knots and once or twice surged to 12,5. Meanwhile the parasailor2 was behaving as normally as before; the slot wide open and the flap streaming ahead almost visibly spilling the wind. Wonderful!”

Over de ARC 2005 in de Yachting World (Maart 2006):

“Top marks for the parasailor² .. The six crews I spoke with were unanimously agreed on one thing — the parasailor² seems to work given sufficient wind.”

“The parasailor² seems genuinely to make the cruiser’s Iife easier requiring little trimming and dealing flexibly~ with variations in wind and sea state.”

Andere getuigenissen uit de ARC 2005 (22 jachten gebruikten daarin de parasailor²):

Paul Wade, HR 40: ”When we started the crossing we had a 20 knot limit to the kite but soon raised this to 25 kts as the crew gained experience with the kite, finding it to be stable and generally forgiving. We were able to maintain daily runs of 185-190 miles for most of the crossing after we picked up the trade winds - not bad for an HR4O We even had times flying it in 30-35kts (true) without any problem from the sail. It was truly exhilarating and a remarkably stable ride. The parasailor² really did appear to live up to its claimed benefit of giving lift and stability to the bow.”

Abel Boerema: 's Ochtends vroeg zetten we de parasailor weer en scheuren erover! We laten hem bijna de hele nacht staan, en maken een mooie slag bijna continue boven de 7 knopen!
...'s Middags hijsen we de parasailor en binnen de kortste keren zitten we boven de 7 knopen, prachtig zeil!..Rond 01:00 scheuren we, voortgesleept door onze parasailor, een conculega voorbij
...Wij jakkeren voort achter de parasailor, het waait flink, en de zee is kort en stijl, er moet veel zelf worden gestuurd. Op een goed moment maak ik zelfs 9,4 knopen door het water. De windpilot begeeft het, moeten we naar kijken.
...Om kwart over 6 is het definitief nodig om de parasailor te strijken, het laatste half uur van mijn wacht is het al 3 keer misgegaan (stuk voor stuk klappen die de halfwinder niet had overleeft)

Alison Panes, PBO: “Feedback on the parasailor2 really was excellent… everybody said they were delighted with it.. All left it up overnight, said it reduced rolling a lot and was very pleasant to sail without the main and just the parasailor2.”

ARC 2004

Sweden Yacht 50, Chris: “If it was not for the parasailor² spinnaker we would not be here
yet — 185nm instead of 160 NM per day makes all the difference..”

Benéteau 57, crew member: “The parasailor2 kept the boat more stable - less rolling. We
were able to dine at the cockpit table..”

Amel Super Maramu, Peter: “The parasailor2 rigged for the first time yesterday morning has outperformed our expectations.. The parasailor² does provide a much more stable, quieter and comfortable ride. Also due its design it can cope with higher wind speeds making it our first choice as we approach the trough of low pressure.. We then used the parasailor² on many occasions and with up to 28knots of gusts on a squall all with no problem whatsoever, but I still would want a bigger one!”

X482, Pekka: “We kept it up and arrived as first X-Yacht in St Lucia — even though there were bigger and lighter X-Yachts in the rally! That principle really works well!”

Bent u onder de indruk van de eigenschappen van de Parasailor en wilt u dit zeil zelf eens uitproberen? Of voelt u zich niet zo zeker bij het varen met een spinnaker of gennaker? Neem dan gerust contact met ons op. Wij helpen u graag verder!

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