The New Generation Parasailor; the best just became even better!

The original Parasailor, so deeply loved by countless cruising sailors all over the world, has delivered its over 15 years and hundreds of circumnavigations of experience as input into the development process of the spectacular New Generation Parasailor. The newest aerodynamical insights, combined with the vast knowledge ISTEC has gathered about its winged sails, have lead to a successor to the Parasailor that offers even more performance, at greater stability, providing more safety and more sailing fun.

The most important difference between the classic Parasailor and the New Generation Parasailor is the 'hybrid wing'. This completely new, patent pending, wing design allows for significant extra advantages.

Let us explain how the hybrid wing works and why it is even better than the one that was the best do far.

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Walder 203 C
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